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You know things that I don’t know. You’ve taught me things that no one has ever taught me before. I can’t say it well, but… I’m drawn to you. A lot. That’s why I want to stay here. I want to see what you see, eat what you eat, and breathe the same air as you. I want to hold in these hands what I would never have been able to get in No. 6…

- Don’t use words like ‘drawn to’ so easily. It’s a very weighty, important word. You’re only supposed to use it for a special, irreplaceable person in your life

- Then how am I supposed to say it? Do I say I love you?

 NO. 6 - Vol 2 Ch 1

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The box art for the Norn9 seiyuu event DVD
All the beautiful boys!

The box art for the Norn9 seiyuu event DVD

All the beautiful boys!

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Yuki Kaji at the Norn9 event

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quality at its best

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Please excuse me while I squee….

Kensho Ono in Maiko Fujita’s MV

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Kensho Ono stars in Maiko Fujita’s music video!


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Voting for the Seiyuu Awards has now opened!

It’s October 1st, and the ballots are open!

Voting is open to overseas fans as well, so please go to the official site and cast your vote!

Voting period is from today until November 30th so you have some time to decide who to vote.

You can vote for anything that aired (for the first time, so not reruns!) between December 1st 2013 and November 30th 2014.

The award ceremony will be held on March 7th 2015.

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An update on the tokuten for Kaji-kun’s photo book:

Animate, Animega and Toranoana have so far confirmed their store benefits. 

Amazon likewise won’t have one at all.

I’m still waiting on hmv and a couple of possible smaller stores.

Toranoana totally gets my vote though!!!!

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||| That's  OUR  truth, Nezumi. |||
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